Products offered

Empowering energy consumers and utilities with crucial cost-saving information… While keeping it private! 


Nimbus™ plug-and-play board provides real-time efficiency/performance feedback for significant savings. This visionary device can also be attached to existing smart meters or other home or gaming appliances, empowering consumers with detailed information and, at the same time, strict privacy controls that help ensure total peace of mind.



Additionally, our Nimbus sensors have run robust field trials in several diverse live settings, including a 600Vcommercial building, a 25kV run of the river project and a 208V lab. These prototypes have proven that our detection system has the unique ability to accurately sense load changes throughout the day very quickly and react to any changes in voltage stability, angle stability, system islanding and other system behaviours, with a fast detection speed of less than four cycles. This millisecond response time will have significant impact on the grid, particularly since it's currently impossible to determine whether the latency is two seconds or ten seconds with current smartgrid systems, making it very challenging to run mission-critical applications. 


We see hundreds of thousands of these smart sensors managing renewable energy generators and storage devices installed in residential and commercial buildings throughout Canada by 2020 and can be autonomously activated during peak demand periods and during times of emergency. Our current R&D collaboration on advanced power dispatching systems with the University of British Columbia (UBC) and BC Hydro, funded by grants from the Canadian Government, will help further demonstrate and showcase the superiority of the Nimbus™ architecture .