Simplifying smart power


ThinkEco Power Systems Corporation is transforming the world's utility with Nimbus™, our proprietary, next-generation Intelligent Grid technology. Since our founding in 2010, we've been actively developing this non-intrusive plug-and-play device that enables utilities to leapfrog and circumvent the shortcomings of existing Smart Grid products, such as consumer privacy, product safety and the need to build expensive ICT infrastructure. This helps to solve the “last mile” problem for servicing end-users of the current generation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems, resulting in billion-dollar infrastructure savings.


ThinkEco's technology will also empower consumers to manage their power production and consumption more efficiently and independently. Nimbus™ autonomously senses the load and stresses on the grid during different times of day and harmonizes these usage patterns with intelligent software systems. In this way, our proprietary “self-healing” and “self-diagnostic” algorithms turn end users into “prosumers” – producers and consumers of electricity at the same time. Provided with an elegant suite of software tools, they can easily minimize costs as well as turn a profit, riding the peaks and valleys to everyone’s benefit. Instead of relying on one centralized grid system – the approach that most smartgrid players are currently taking, where the utility makes all the decisions – our Nimbus™ system enables consumers to jointly share ownership in:


  • Cost effectively managing energy generation and use for maximum savings and profit, without compromising consumer privacy

  • Reaping financial benefits by trading through markets for carbon offsets and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

  • Profiting by selling excess power back to the grid


ThinkEco Power Systems is strategically located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where multi-sector environmental stewardship is making this region a leader for new markets in carbon offsets and Greehouse Gas (GHG) emissions handling. Our technology enables the successful adoption of energy regulations to address climate change. Our clients will realize significant financial benefits as a result of environmental stewardship and increased customer loyalty.